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This is a list of software projects I have created or supported.


[2016-03-12] - Dos2Word for Windows

Takes standard printer output produced by a DOS application and forwards it to Microsoft Word.

more information


[2016-03-07] - 7-Zip ZStandard Edition

First release of 7-Zip with support for ZStandard, which is a fast lossless compression algorithm, targeting real-time compression scenarios at zlib-level compression ratio.

more information


[2015-03-20] - USB-Backup for Windows

I used AutoIt for creating an easy to use Windows Backup GUI, named USB-Backup.

more information


[2013-10-05] - BQL patches for Linux

Some Linux patches for byte queue limits on various network interface cards.

Install Guide and Download


[2012-07-11] - TRIM support for JFS

Linux patch for adding TRIM support to the JFS Filesystem.


[2010-03-19] - Frisbee-NG

First commit to my private GitRepo of Frisbee-NG... will be a set of tools for disk cloning, imaging, restoring and shredding ;)


[2008-01-13] - Driver for Zarlink zl10036 DVB-S silicon tuner

I bought an AverMedia DVB-S Card, but the silicon tuner ZL10036 on it was not supported by Linux, so I decided to write a driver for it ;)

Thanks to Matthias Schwarzott, it is part of linux now.


[2006-11-23] - Mediawiki Extension: Emailtag

Uploaded my first version of the wiki emailtag extension.
This extension allows users to specify email adresses within their articles. You have just to use the <email>some user @ some domain </email> tags - and then the mail will be displayed as an image. Documentation can be found here.


[2006-11-12] - Mediawiki Extension: Guestbook

Uploaded my first version of the wiki guestbook extension.
It adds one ot more guestbooks to your Mediawiki, look here for more information about it.


[2005-07-11] - Squidwall

Uploaded my first version of squidwall.
It is a fast, small, and secure squid redirector and enables the administrator to build an easy to use Webinterface for controlling user-, host-, or IP-based access to squid. It also does pass-through antivirus scanning with clamav.


[2003-12-29] - Qpasswd

The qpasswd tools are a collection of various tools (checkpasswd, checkqpasswd, multicheckpw, and others). They are meant for use with checkpassword-compatible authentication programs like qmail-popup and qmail-smtpd. Currently, the following auth mechanism are supported: plain, login, apop, cram-md5, cram-sha1, cram-ripemd, and digest-md5.


[2002-08-11] - mmix

mmix is a small OSS audio mixer with a curses-like user interface. It compiles against dietlibc and supports different configurations for all mixer devices which have been found.

warning: old crappy code ;)


[2002-06-03] - pppd_stats patch

Just a patch for getting detailed dial-in statistics of the popular ppp daemon.

warning: old crappy php3 code ;)


[2001-07-04] - mcdp

mcdp is a really small cd player for Linux with a curses-like user interface. It compiles against dietlibc, supports minimal remote/local cddb/freedb track data, different playmethods, and volume control.

warning: old crappy code ;)

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